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Core Business Areas

Surveying practice is all about the development in both urban and rural environments and aspects such as; land acquisition, feasibility studies, are central to the initiation of developmental projects. These may include the design and the setting out of infrastructure as well as the development of new settlements such as the townships.

This company is therefore committed to working hand in hand with all relevant professionals representing various organisations, government departments, municipalities, and private firms that are involved in the development of our country. Such professionals may include but not limited to; Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Architects, Town-Planners, Attorneys, Project Managers or Construction Managers.

Our scope of work includes:

 Engineering Surveys

 ~   Building Setting Out

~   Control Points Establishment

~   Earthworks Control

~   Engineering Surveys

~   Flood Line Surveys

~   Monitoring of Structures

~   Pipeline Strip Surveys and Setting Out

~   Powerline Profiling and Route Selection

~   Precise Engineering Surveys

~   Roads Setting Out

~   TMH11 Standard Cross Sections

~   Topographical Surveys


Cadastral Survey

 ~   Farm surveys

~   Land Audits

~   New Township Establishments

~   Property Subdivisions and Consolidation

~   Relocation of Boundary Beacons

~   Sectional-Titles

~   Servitude Surveys


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